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Brand New from Capezio!

The Ava 1142W is the latest pointe shoe that combines the best of previous generations from Capezio. It is made of a special Rayon-backed cotton satin with an exclusive suede sock lining for added comfort. The Ava features a broad box with three-quarter placement which adds improved stability, perfect for everyone from girls new to pointe to the more experienced. especially those with wide feet. See it's full description below:

- Elastic Drawstring

- U-cut Throat Shape

- Moderate Vamp Length

- Broad Box with 3/4 placement perfect for wide feet and for maintaining balance

- Leather board/red board combination Shank

- Strength: 2.5

- Scored outsole at the ball of the foot which ads traction

Capezio Ava 1142W Pointe Shoe

SKU: 35462
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